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Care for convertible tops

  1. Never try to put your top up or down while your vehicle is moving. This is possible with most older cars
  2. Do not take your convertible through automatic car washes.
  3. Do not lock your car doors. If a thief wants into your car, they will just cut your convertible top.
  4. Never put speaker boxes or any other objects in the area the top goes down into. This will cause your back window to break.
  5. Do not leave your top down for extended periods of time. It is not good for your top and causes fold marks and/or shrinkage.
  6. It is best not to loan your convertible to anyone. We often see problems that were not there until the cutomer loaned their car out.

Care for convertible tops w/ plastic windows

  1. Do not store the convertible top in the well when it is dirty. This may scratch the plastic window.
  2. Do not store the plastic window when it is wet. This may cause mildew to form.
  3. Do not use harsh detergents when washing your plastic window.
  4. Do not use products containing silicones or alcohol on your plastic rear window, such as typical commercial vinyl care products and glass cleaners.
  5. Do not rub the plastic window when dry. This will scratch the window. Always flood the window with water before gently wiping it with a damp, soft cotton cloth.
  6. Plastic windows should be cleaned regularly. Be sure to hose or blow off loose dirt particles from surface and then use eitherplain water or mild soapy water. Apply with a soft clothor tissue to gently clean the window. Never use harsh brushes or abrasives when cleaning plastic windows
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